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Tips for Remote Working

During 2020, many Venture Capital Startups moved to remote working. As some companies decide to go back into office, many have found that employees are just as productive at home, and will continue forward with remote work permanently.

For most people, remote working is the dream. No commute, no office, and having more free time. It can, however be just as exhausting as going to the office if not more at times. Here are some tips and tricks for remote working at a Venture Capital Startup.

Set a Schedule

When working for a VC startup, your hours may be more flexible than your usual 9-5 corporate job. It can be easy to get distracted being at home by the TV, kitchen, or anything else. If your hours are flexible, set a schedule for yourself and stick to it. For some people, it’s harder to ‘clock out’ at the end of the day when the office is at home, so setting hours for yourself will help you maintain your work-life balance.

Have a Morning Routine

Take Screen Breaks

Create a Workspace

Take Time Off

To sum it up, working remotely has its pros and cons. Practicing good habits will help you maintain work-life balance and make you more productive.



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