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Growth Marketing Tactics That Work For Pressed

Marketing Advice For Pre-seed Startups

"Scaling up growth before you have product/market fit is the quickest way to destroy a startup."

If you are a start-up founder, especially in the pre-seed phase, you will need an aptitude for all aspects of the business if you want to grow your business to a sustainable level. Aside from understanding your product and industry well, developing a marketing plan that supports your business model is usually the make-or-break aspect for most pre-seed businesses.

Pre-seeds must use different growth hacking strategies in order to reach a large audience. Although some of these strategies have only been around for several years, they have shown to be important to the success of modern-day enterprises.

To help you outgrow your potential, use the following business growth tactics to expand your perspective and significantly improve profits.


Referrals from colleagues, family, or industry leaders convert leads much more quickly than other methods. The CPA of referral clients is cheaper, helping you to lower your expenditures as well.

For example: Uber began as a ride-sharing service. They leveraged referral marketing to improve brand recognition and user engagement. The concept was straightforward: users receive $5 credit for each time another user enters their referral code. The concept was so effective that it has now been adopted by every ride-sharing service.


"Creating content and building an audience takes time. To do this, you must try to align your social media efforts with your overall development strategy."

Most people now use social media, so it's hard not to talk about it. Many businesses have only depended on social media for development. It may appear daunting initially, but as you attain know-how, you'll find that posting on social media becomes more open and reasonable.


A launch on Product Hunt is a very important checkpoint. Every week, dozens of new businesses are launched. Such platforms enable you to reach out to new audiences.

Product Hunt remains a market leader in terms of introducing your business to a worldwide audience. It's your "golden key" to get the proper attention of entrepreneurs and media. This is your chance to get feedback and ideas for future prospects.


"As an entrepreneur, you must be aware of the changing dynamics in your market environment. This will put your business in a position to quickly adjust and capitalize on its strengths."

Competition can take all forms and sizes, but it is always there. Once you've identified your marketplace, it's essential to show why your business has a competitive edge in each and every marketplace.


"There is a reason why businesses hire influencers to promote their products when it comes to brand building."

Want to spread the word and raise your social media profile without having to wait years to build an audience? Then you should work with influencers. Finding the right influencer, on the other hand, is important. You are not required to collaborate with influencers who have huge followings. People who have tens of thousands or even a hundred thousand followers are yet another option.


"Branded gift items, such as pens and office equipment with your company's logo imprinted on them, offer great value to users."

It will increase brand recognition and customer loyalty. It also helps in spreading favorable word of mouth. It also improves client perceptions about your brand. A satisfied customer be favorable comes a business promoter, allowing you to receive more recommendations and leads.


There are various marketing strategies available, and one method to understand and choose which one is ideal for your business is to consider where you want to see your business in the upcoming months and years.

As a pre-seed, keep in mind that you can use all of these marketing strategies at once, or you can try one at a time to determine which actually works for you. After that, stick to what works while also trying new things.

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