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Writing a CV for a Startup

Venture Capital Startup jobs are coveted, competitive, and can be difficult to get. When a VC startup is hiring, they are going to be looking for top-tier talent and typically receive many applications. One of the important things to remember is that when applying for a startup, you shouldn’t use the same CV you’d send to a massive corporation. The hiring process is going to be different.

A VC startup is going to be much smaller than a corporation, and they will typically use a recruitment service like WorkBeast. Real human eyes will be looking at your CV, so let’s look at how to make sure it stands out.


To start, a typo can get your CV discarded immediately. Before sending it in, have someone proofread it. We know you’ve been staring at your CV for hours, and the longer you scrutinize it, the most likely you are to miss a simple typo. You may have all of the qualifications and be the perfect match, but one spelling or grammatical error can throw you out of the running.


Cover Letter


To sum it up, we know you’ve got the talent, now it’s time to showcase it! Keep it simple, but detailed. No flashy colors or typos. Get a second set of eyes to look at it. Most importantly, show off that you’re a real human that has the skills and dedication to help their Venture Capital Startup continue to grow.

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